Crowdfunding projects

Solar Electricity for an indigenous family in Costa Rica

In 2021 I had the opportunity to work remotely from my home country: Costa Rica. I was curious to know more about the indigenous cultures from the Caribean region where I was living. I was lucky to meet Maura and Milton and their family, who live in the Yorkín Bribri community. They showed me their culture and told me they were saving money to install solar panels in their home, which didn't have electricity! I offered to help and organised a gofundme campaign. After a few months of a lot of word to mouth and social media campaigning we managed to reach our aim and the family got their solar panels at the beginning of September. The family now needs a motor for their boat, the unique way of transport they have to the closest town, if they can't walk for four hours! So we are now campaigning again!

Please visit the gofundme page for more details.